“Why can’t we simply borrow what is useful to us from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, especially Zen, as we borrow from Christianity, science, American Indian traditions and world literature in general, including philosophy, and let the rest go hang? Borrow what we need but rely principally upon our own senses, common sense and daily living experience.”

“Science is a tool of Common Sense. When we insist that all valid information come from science or doctors, Common Sense becomes uncommon or lost forever.”

“One must have common sense, nothing is permanent, nothing endures. We have come to the conclusion that this place is run by madman. A madman, let me tell you, can be very logical. If you are rich and logical and also mad, you can succeed for a very long time in living out your illusion. But in the end….in the end this will break up. Because, you see, it is not reasonable what happens here! That which is not reasonable must always pay the reckoning in the end.

The Global Brain

“In contrast to logic, there is common sense, or still better, the Spirit of Reasonableness.”

Common Sense has undeniable benefits that we are all intuitively aware of. In the believe of Common Sense, we’ll remind you of things that secretly you probably already know… But we will also surprise you with facts you hadn’t considered before.

Common Sense is the foundation for learning and creativity. Common Sense is critical to workplace productivity. Common Sense is the world’s only means of communication that embraces the entire planet, and it’s environmentally sustainable, indeed, an ally in fighting darkness.

  You will see the long-term effects of your actions. The meaning and origin of the expression: As you sow so shall you reap.

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